Flyfishing is art, flyfishing is life.

   From the very first reflection of a fish in the stream, fly fishing became my dream. And after I achieved it, the passion was getting stronger every day. 
   Fly fishing became as an escape island, where you have your own world, as a guest of Nature. Fly fishing became a place where you can rest and create, get inspired. I knew that I have to take a part in it, that I have to contribute, that I have to express myself in some way.
   So after searching and going through different materials, arts, styles I found leather as very interesting, art and painting friendly material, same time I was fascinated about its durability and heavy duty characteristics. 

   More other worked through in the right way it is not only lasts for years, but gains ageing values.
Fly fishing as a connection to Nature have taught me, that every single detail can find its place, be beautiful, interesting, distinct. It inspired me to create the line of leather accessories, which can not only be stated as artworks, but be using every day delivering as much of emotional value as it can.
   Therefore, let me present you original, hand crafted leather artworks.

                                           Art Merk