Accessories with spirit.


Once I touched the leather I felt in love with it. The material is so magnificent and so flexible in terms of applications. Moreover, I have learned all the main design applications as traditional hand tooling and texturing, dyeing, painting, pyrography, molding and more. I also try each time to try something new, that each singular item that I make would never be the same as previous one.


Leather fly fishing accessories and other items with a touch of Fine Art. There are presented some patterns of various items, that have been created: 


All these original artworks are created using finest genuine Italian and Spanish leather, professional materials and leather craftsmanship tools. The piece of leather during the process goes through selecting, cutting, tooling, dyeing, painting or burning, stitching all together and finally water proofing. As a result the fine art and durable material merge together creating original and functional long lasting artwork. For maximum performance, ancient traditional recipe based mixture of neatsfoot oil and bees wax is applied in the end of the process to make items waterproof and ready to be used outdoors. All items are handmade from beginning to end. No machinery is used.

Custom orders

All items and accessories can be applied to the custom demands. All custom ideas, patterns or wishes are highly considerable and welcome. If you like items been made but want different artistic approach, or like particular artistic approach and want it to be applied to the different item – on all queries, please contact